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Matthias Rath

Dr. Rath is on a global campaign to stop Codex Alimentarius. For more information on this go to To act immediately and express your protest, support the petition by Dr. Matthias Rath: "Stop the Pharmaceutical Industry Ban on Vitamins!"

Dr. Rath has developed a unique Cellular Health™ Program based on years of scientific research. Cellular Health Programs provide nutrients essential for optimum health. His newest product, Epican Forte™ is said to help prevent cancer from metastisizing. For more information, go to or

To read an on-line book "Cancer and Infectious Diseases" by Matthias Rath, M.D., go to This online-book provides you a summary of the progress of Cellular Health in the battle against several forms of cancer and infectious diseases, as well as other serious diseases. This book discloses key mechanisms, describing how cancer cells spread through the body and how this process can be blocked in a natural way. All this can be done without chemotherapy or radiation.

Epican Forte™ uses four primary nutrients that work together synergistically to inhibit excessive enzymatic activity and strengthen connective tissue to maintain normal cell growth. These nutrients are Vitamin C, Lysine, Proline, and High-potency standardized green tea extract with 80% polyphenols. Healthy cells produce enzymes that temporarily digest connective tissue so that these cells can move through the body to renew organs and other tissues. In the case of a serious health condition, this same enzymatic process must be inhibited so that excessive cell growth does not occur and the health of organs and other tissues is maintained.

To find a store that carries Dr. Rath's products, go to

Dr. Rath's organization is looking for doctors to conduct clinical studies in the natural treatment of cancer. If you are a cancer patient, you can have your doctor contact his organization - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

They are scheduling seminars across the country, including Westlake Village, CA. Go to for more information on these seminars.

Call 800-624-2442 for more information.