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The Mind and How It Can Affect Cancer
Mind/body approaches that can be used

A good website that discusses this is at:

Imagery (e.g., visualizing your white blood cells gobbling up the cancer
cells) can be quite helpful.

Centers that offer mind/body approaches:

There are many centers that can help you with mind/body approaches. These include:

Some clinics offer imagery and mind/body techniques for pain control as well.

The Bresler Center in Los Angeles uses guided imagery and pain control. 310-446-1717.

The Simonton Cancer Center offers a 5-day educational and psychotherapeutic session for cancer patients and their support person, during which these concepts are explored in a safe, supportive atmosphere conducive to learning and a positive change. The program focuses on the influence of beliefs and belief systems. Participants learn techniques for enriching their lives in order to promote their health; lifestyle counseling; and relaxation , visualization, and mental imagery (creative thinking) exercises. Call (800)459-3424 or (310)457-3811 Fax: (310) 457-0421 or go to their website at or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Programs are offered in Santa Barbara, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.

Lanny Orlin, MA, MFCC in Encino, CA focuses on the distinction between "healing" and "curing". He is a cancer survivor himself. 818-907-1528 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He promotes quality of life, making healthy choices and helping clients become aware of the miracle of each day.

The Center for Healing and Expression in San Francisco offers a variety of classes, including yoga. (415) 775-6145.


Books, audios, and videos that offer mind/body approaches:. - Buddy Targets Cancer: the first in a series of
self-help motivational audiocassette tapes using relaxation/visualization for
cancer patients combining the personal experience of psychologist Dr. Maureen
Burke and the talents of her Siamese cat Buddy. - Relaxation and mental imagery for cancer patients.


Ways to eliminate stress, fear, and depression:

Depression, fear and stress have been scientifically proven to weaken the immune system. These unhealthy feelings can be eliminated quickly. Franklin Freeman offers guaranteed results. Go to for more information. He has worked with several people with cancer.