Actual Cases of Cancer Victors

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Dee Simmons writes:
"Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. First of all I couldn't believe this could happen to me. I had never been sick, not even a cold, and had always considered myself to be a very healthy person. Immediately, I had a decision to make... did I want to live or did I want to die? My choice was obvious. Coming home from the hospital, I knew I must take charge of my life. I had just gone through an eight hour modified radical mastectomy and with my determination to survive my journey began."
This story is from her book "From Vision to Victory"


Lorraine Day, M.D. - Breast cancer free thanks to alternative treatments
Dr. Day was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and had a lumpectomy of a small tumor. But the tumor soon recurred, became very aggressive and grew rapidly. Dr. Day rejected standard therapies because of their destructive side effects and chose instead to rebuild her immune system using natural, simple inexpensive therapies designed by God and available to everyone, so her body could heal itself. She is now cancer free.

Dr. Day's story is available on video and in book format. Go to our sources of information page for details.


Mrs. Polly Todd, shown here with her husband Jack, was told that her chances of surviving her breast cancer were slim. The following is her story from the book Alive and Well by Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.

This 59-year-old woman was seen by me for the first time on 1/10/75 with the history that she had her left breast removed one month previously because of carcinoma. Three positive nodes had been found. I will let the patient tell you the rest of her history in her own words:

"It was recommended by a prominent physician that I be a part of an experiment in a (then) new chemotherapy program. For a second opinion I went to another city where I had a personal contact with the head of a large hospital. There they told me that my odds of survival were slim, and that I should be treated with strong doses of chemotherapy and radiation. At this point, a friend told me about the Laetrile-nutritional program, which I chose."

The lady was placed on a nutritional program at that time and she has remained on it ever since. She is now 79 years old, in good health, and she has had no recurrence of her disease.

In a recent letter the patient said, "None of the above people on the chemotherapy program lived beyond 1 ½ years. Friends who scoffed at our choice then have much more respect now because others choosing the conventional treatment are gone, while I survive!"

  Additional testimonials from Alive and Well, chapter 12 are in a pdf file. If you would like to download this chapter, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the file. If you don't have the reader, click below to get it free from Adobe Inc. Then, go to Chapter 12 - Boring Statistics and Exciting Cases to download the file so you can print it. If you would like to order the book, go to Reality Zone's website. A portion of the sale will be donated to the Cancer Cure Foundation.

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Rex Perry chose not to have radiation for his  His story is also from the book Alive and Well by Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.
This 42-year-old man that I first saw on 6/27/79 had a history of having malignant lymphoma, which was originally diagnosed in August, 1978. He had 8 months of chemotherapy, which he tolerated very well. His doctors felt, however, that there was a significant amount of disease still present. They wanted to do several more months of chemotherapy and follow this with total body radiation. The patient did not want to do this because of his concern about what it would do to his immune system. He chose, instead, to use the nutritional approach.

It has now been almost 15 years since he started his nutritional therapy. The most satisfying part of such a case history is that this patient has had no further problem with his disease. He is well and very active.


"Of course I had a big argument with my doctor, and he was convinced that if I went to Mexico I was going to die. Well, I was convinced that if I stayed in the United States I was going to die. I knew I could always get the additional surgery and chemotherapy in the U.S., so I said, I'll try the OASIS [Hospital] first and see what happens.

I have certainly never been sorry for going down there and I cannot say enough about the doctors and staff. They give such personal care..."


Donald Factor, the son of cosmetics entrepreneur Max Factor had Carcinoma of the Lung with metastasis to Liver and Spine. In a letter dated November 1, 1999, he tells how Metabolic Therapy in Doctor Contreras' Oasis of Hope Clinic saved his life. This is his testimony:

"My name is Donald Factor. I was living in London in November of 1986 when I was diagnosed with carcinoma of the lung that had spread to my liver. Basically the doctors in England didn't hold a lot of hope for me. They were very apologetic and offered a treatment which they thought might extend my life for a little while, but not for very long. I didn't feel like accepting that prognosis and decided to go and see Dr. Contreras.

I'd met Dr. Contreras a few years before in a conference in England and was very impressed with his approach. He told us they used modern medicine combined with other natural things and a lot of love and faith. My wife and I moved from England to Los Angeles and then we drove down to Tijuana to the Oasis Hospital where I was treated.

When I arrived I was in an extremely weak condition. It was 10 days after the original diagnosis and the cancer had spread to my spine. I was in excruciating pain with my sciatic nerve affected so I could hardly walk. I was losing weight rapidly too. They took a look at me at the Contreras clinic and were quite concerned. They too were not very optimistic about my future, but as Dr. Contreras Sr. said, because both I and my wife were very committed to doing everything possible to beat the cancer, they were prepared to work with us.

To make a long story short, it succeeded... I was very impressed with the Contreras clinic [Oasis Hospital] when I went inside and met the people; I had never experienced a hospital where the doctors would treat me as a human being instead of a bunch of symptoms or a disease walking through the door. Suddenly, there was a team of people there who were interested in me and they were involving me in the course my treatment I would take. I was being asked, I was being informed and suddenly I was part of the team that was treating me. I wasn't just an object that was being treated. And that was tremendous and I realized there was another side to Tijuana that I never imagined possible in my youth.

This all happened in 1986 so it will be 13 years this November. After the initial metabolic treatment and about a year of home therapy, I was totally clear of any sign of cancer. I went back regularly for check-ups and after about three years of being in remission, the doctors said I was cured. I said, 'I thought in the cancer business you were never cured.' And they said,' Well it is silly to keep writing down 'Remission' year after year. We'll see you whenever you want to come back.' And that was that..."


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